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Ellie Taylor: This Guy

see url Every Edinburgh Fringe sparks a new trend in comedy subject matter. One year it was Tinder, last year every show seemed to have a twist tragic ending and this year I have been to three shows in which the comedian has uttered the word “bum-hole.” And three marks an unexpected trend my friend. What I didn’t expect was Ellie Taylor to be the one who would make up the ‘bum-hole’ trifecta.

как делать водный But This Guy isn’t all about bum-holes, instead Ellie talks about being married and childfree. Being in this position apparently invites questions about when a child is going to show up, Ellie’s mother and mother-in-law have been very forward about their desire for a new grandchild.

jwh 250 купить Ellie echoes some of the issues Kiri Pritchard-McLean brings up in Appropriate Adult regarding potential parenthood, namely not feeling adult enough and adoption. Although where Kiri is talking about child adoption Ellie is leaning more towards adopting a cat. Animated and self-deprecating the 2016 Funny Women Awards mentor is at her funniest when talking about her family – I didn’t know mild contempt could come across as so affectionate. It seems no-one is safe, not her husband who in spite of having a dramatic job repeatedly fails to give her drama for her shows, not her sister or even her young nephew. Also I never thought I’d identify with someone over plastic bags and I hope one day Ellie and I will be part of a plastic bag hierarchy Whatsapp group chat.

go to site An accomplished show that examines marriage, womanhood and the dreaded biological clock with great wit and an impressively light touch.


телеграф купить Ellie Taylor: This Guy is at the Pleasance Courtyard, Beneath until 27th August at 17:45. For tickets and more information click here!