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Rachel Jackson: Bunny Boiler Q&A

If you have ever been accused of being a little intense in a relationship, then you will love comedian and actress Rachel Jackson’s show Bunny Boiler! Rachel is set to make her Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut this year and we talked to her about how the show came into being and why she thinks we should reclaim the term ‘bunny boiler’…

source url F see url unny Women: Tell us about your show Bunny Boiler

сколько канабинол держится в организме Rachel Jackson: Bunny Boiler is a fun, nuts stand up show about my life with a couple of characters too. It’s mainly about my, at times, disastrous love life and all the jokes stuff that has happened along the way! It’s hilarious but also deep and dark at points with a while load of heart. Almost too much heart.

http://forestparkspringfield.com/moe/soli-narkotik-kupit.html FW: Do you think it’s time the term bunny boiler was reclaimed?

закладки в уфе спайса RJ: Absolutely I do! That’s kind of the whole point of the show for me. Bunny Boiler has always had such negative connotations and is meant as an insult. I’ve always been an intense person anyway and wanted to bring it back in a fun and cheeky way rather than psychotic so it’s fun mad and not lock up yer rabbits mad! We are all crazy when it comes to love sometimes and I think we should all embrace our inner freaks more! I want people to come out of the show loving the Bunny Boiler!

таблетки лсд купить FW: How did you get into comedy?

соли биз RJ: Sort of by accident. I’m an actress and had been doing that forever and I first wrote ‘Memoirs of a Bunny Boiler’ (a 30 minute show) as a sort of one woman play/monologue type thing and when I performed it people were saying it was like stand up comedy, so I developed it from there and now it’s a full hour show with much more of a stand up feel! I’m properly addicted to stand up and gig most, if not every, night I can. It’s also helped open more acting doors when people have seen how determined I am. You could say I’m a professional Bunny Boiler.

http://blog.nicholasmusic.com/pab/kupit-semena-konopli-internet-magazin.html FW: This is your Edinburgh debut! What are you most excited about?

get link RJ: Having as many eyes on me as possible. I have always believed in myself so much. I’m like the Christian Bale/Lady Gaga of the comedy world and truly believe I offer something so different to anything else on the market. I’m hoping people will get behind the show! It’s been a long time in the making (you could say my whole life) and I’m beyond excited about putting it out there. Please love me.

http://prueba.newsfm.es/race/kupit-ekstazi-v-rostove.html FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

http://www.balkoni.lviv.ua/good/fen-po-zakladkam-vladikavkaz.html RJ: Melissa McCarthy is an absolute don. She should be in everything!

Rachel Jackson: Bunny Boiler is on at the Pleasance Courtyard at 10.30pm from 2nd – 28th August (not 24th) for tickets and more information click here!