Channel 4 commissions OCD comedy drama

Rose Bretécher’s memoir Pure is to be adapted into a six part a comedy drama for Channel 4. The show will tell the story of a young woman who has obsessive compulsive disorder, which causes her uncontrollable sexual thoughts.

Writer Kirstie Swain, who is adapting the book into the Channel 4 series, said: “I’ve always been an obsessive worrier and over-thinker…or maybe it’s the other way round. It runs through me like a stick of rock. While I don’t suffer from Rose’s exact condition, Pure resonated so deeply with me because I can absolutely relate to the experience of being an outer calm and an inner cyclone.

“[the show] embodies everything I want to say as a woman and as a writer and it gives voice to the often silent issue of mental health.”

Each episode will be an hour long and filming is set to begin in 2018, casting has not been announced.

Rose Bretécher said: “When I wrote my memoir, my mental health condition was virtually unheard of, and my thoughts were deeply taboo. Now, to collaborate on its adaptation with such a talented, diligent, witty team, is an extraordinary validation and privilege.

“As my story is reimagined on-screen, we have a unique opportunity to reach untold thousands of people who have lived for years, as I did, in secrecy and shame. To humanise their darkest experiences, to empower them to change, and to give them new hope.”