Jayde Adams on why she’ll be Jayded at Latitude

Since winning our 2014 Funny Women Awards Jayde Adams has gone from strength to strength! We managed to catch up with Jayde to talk about her new show, performing at Latitude and why comedy can be a waiting game…

Kate Stone: Tell us about your show Jayde Adams is Jayded

Jayde Adams: So it’s about my obsession with being liked in a world where being ‘liked’ is now a currency and controversially, a drug that everyone spends on average five hours a day taking. It’s about my ridiculous pursuit in trying to make people like me, on and off stage and my long quest to find a best friend. It features music from Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer The Opera) and direction from Matt Poever (Houdini).

KS: You’ve been super busy since winning the 2014 Funny Women Awards! Can you catch us up on what you’ve been up to?

JA: It’s been mental! Did a Short with Sky and BBC Three, writing a gazillion sitcoms, a couple with King Bert for Channel 4 and BBC. I got nominated in Edinburgh last year, was on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Go 8 Bit on Dave, gigging all over, paying rent on time. Mate, I’m well chuffed.

KS: Any advice for women entering our awards this year? 

JA: Be funny and loose. Simple.

Also I have what I think is some sage general comedy advice I’d like to impart that I’ve learned from other nice comedians and by myself over the last six years; don’t do your first Edinburgh hour too quickly. It took me six years. You get one chance to be Best Newcomer, get all your ducks in a row – build up an Edinburgh audience for a few years, experience the Fringe and know it really well.

Also don’t turn your tragedy into comedy until you’ve been through it and are out the other side. I’d say give yourself five years. Being criticised by reviewers for a show is one thing, but when they start poking holes in your pain – well it’s not fun. You gotta be ready to take it and a few months after it, you ain’t ready mate.

KS: What are you most looking forward to about Latitude?

JA: I love festivals. I’ve been MCing at them from way before I started comedy, about 10 years now – it’s how I learned how to do it I suppose. I’m a priest in Bestival Inflatable Church sometimes. I’ve done main stages at Glastonbury and at the NYC Downlow, Electric Picnic, Glade, Big Love Festival, Download. You have to go with the audience every time, material doesn’t matter. It becomes anarchic. That’s what I love the most. Freedom to play about with people.

KS: Who are your favourite funny women?

JA: Gail Adams (Mother). My best mate Babs. Dawn French. Miranda Hart. Gabby Best.

Jayde Adams will be performing at Latitude Festival, 13-16 July, Suffolk, www.latitudefestival.com.  Jayde will also be performing at Edinburgh Fringe 2-28 August, www.edfringe.com