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Judith Lucy & Denise Scott: Disappointments

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are anything but disappointing! In a world where the life we project on Facebook is very different from the reality of unachieved ambitions and broken dreams, no wonder you get to an age where all you want to do is stay in bed and drink wine. When practising mindfulness is exhausting, and living your life to the full is a mountain you just can’t be bothered to climb, the truth about getting older is exposed by these two hilarious and skilled comedians.

Getting older for women is no walk in the park, and lack of libido, vaginal dryness and hot sweats await us all, this is a very life affirming piece of work. A celebration of being who you are right now. But what was joyous was to be there with a friend – both of us not far off sixty – sat beside some beardy hipsters who were laughing as much as us! Age really is just a number when it comes to comedy.

I applaud the skill of Lucy and Scott as they engage with what was largely a younger audience and their cleverly crafted banter, this is a brilliant look at getting older and they tell it how it is. Hilarious!

I loved this show and I urge you to go and see it. You’ll be uplifted and smiling when you leave – even if you have to take the lift because the stairs are too painful – due to an arthritic knee – as was the case for me!

Disappointments runs at the Soho Theatre until Friday 7th July, for tickets and more information click here!