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Brighton Fringe: LAID

What to say about Natalie Palamides’s one woman show LAID… beyond: ‘you have to see this show’? Laying an egg every day, a woman faces the decision: to raise it or eat it. As soon as I walked into the Warren’s Theatre Box and saw the stage area was lined with a plastic covering I knew this was going to be… a messy show.

Now, I could say that LAID is an absurd analysis of motherhood, choice and the cyclical nature of life. I could. Or perhaps I could interpret it as some kind of eggy retelling of Sisyphus endlessly rolling his boulder in the Greek myth. Ultimately it’s a brilliant, clownish show. With eggs.

Natalie, an Upright Citizen’s Brigade member, is a confident performer who isn’t afraid to pull up a grumpy audience member or crack out surreal routines of physical comedy that the audience (uh, bar the grumpy man) can’t help but want to play with.

LAID has everything, comedy, tragedy, suspense and (if you’re an egg) horror with a delightfully neat end.

The last Brighton Fringe performance of LAID tonight – 11th May – 9.30pm at The Warren. For tickets and more information click here!