Get with the CollaGin Craze!

Do you like gin? Of course you do. Do you like your beverage to multitask? Then look no further than CollaGin, it’s perfect for the beauty conscious drinker who wants to enjoy their favourite tipple whilst having the additional benefits of collagen on their skin. It has been created by Oxford based ‘gintrepreneurs’ Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick . The gin can be bought from for £34.99.

We love the idea behind CollaGin and caught up with gintrepeneur Camilla Brown to talk about this new gin craze…

Funny Women: What inspired you to combine gin with anti-ageing properties?

Camilla Brown: I’d been in PR for eight years and become synonymous with ‘controversial’ stunts for the likes of BrewDog and Morphsuits. I often got emerging brands a huge amount of exposure, which ultimately led to sales. In April 2016, Liz and I had just nailed a successful PR campaign for a new ‘anti-ageing’ gin, with coverage going worldwide. This was the push I needed to finally decide to create something of my own – I wanted the exposure. I wanted the sales.

With a little goading and then many overly-excited after work phone calls, Liz and I decided to turn that PR stunt into reality, and thus began a journey of ups, downs and frankly hilarious tribulations. We became ‘Gintrepreneurs’. We worked tirelessly on the new business outside of our full-time jobs, and it’s taken us a year to get to where we are today. The idea of combining two hugely popular worlds – beauty and booze, was something that we’d never seen done before, and the response so far has been amazing.

FW: How does CollaGin work?

CB: We infuse pure, powdered collagen at distillation stage, which is completely odourless and tasteless, and isn’t broken down when added to the alcohol. In addition to this, all of our botanicals have an anti-ageing quality – including pink grapefruit, fresh orange and angelica root.

We have never said CollaGin will make you look younger, that’s just silly. But if you’re going to drink gin, why not enjoy it with the added bonus of collagen in it?!

FW: What are your hopes for CollaGin?

CB: We are starting out with premium stockists both on and off trade in the UK and Europe, then looking to expand internationally by the end of the year. We have lots of interest in Australia, Canada, America and Asia already.

We’ll be launching limited editions, flavoured and miniature versions of CollaGin in the coming months, and then looking to create another collagen infused spirit.

In the next five years we envisage Young In Spirit to have launched four products, open a boozy spa and mini distillery in the Cotswolds, have a swanky office for our staff and hopefully be able to work from a beach somewhere hot…

FW: We love the idea of a gin that multi-tasks, have you got any more magical alcohol combinations up your sleeves?

CB: Watch this space…  but David Beckham and his men only Haig Club might get a run for their money.

We can exclusively tell you that our limited edition bottle will have a vial of liquid collagen around the neck, a la Death Becomes Her. A nod to one of my favourite films!

FW: There’s a strong link between comedy and drinking, who do you see (responsibly) drinking CollaGin? 

CB: Dawn O’Porter, Alan Carr and Steph and Dom from Gogglebox. They would LOVE it.

FW: Any recommendations on how we should drink CollaGin?

CB: Feedback has been it’s the ‘smoothest gin’ people have tasted, so we would go as far as to say enjoy it straight, on ice, with a slice of pink grapefruit. If that’s a bit daunting, add two fingers of fever tree tonic, some star anise and fresh orange. Dreamy.

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

CB: Dawn O’Porter, Amy Schumer and Rebel Wilson. Absolute heroes.