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Brighton Fringe: Charmian Hughes – Soixante Mirth

I think most people, especially women, would like to have a word with their younger selves. So it was interesting to see what 60 year old Charmian had to say to her 10, 14 and 23 year old self – through the magic of audience humming.

Memory is a strange thing and it’s clear that by going through old diaries and school projects Charmian’s past selves have surprised her a little. Growing up with an older mother (older than the other mothers, obviously Charmian’s mother was older than her) who had been born in the Edwardian age Charmian is interested in the generation gap and the differences between her mother’s attitudes, her own and that of today’s young women. Women who were not obliged to take domestic science but do have the pressure of social media dictating that they appear to be having fun at all times. It seems every generation of women has their battles to fight.

Charmian is a strong¬†performer, who managed to hold her audience even when an older man decided to share some of his own anecdotes during her show¬†(a battle I suspect all women have fought). This is not, as some might think, a show only for women in their 60s, it’s a show for everyone who has ever wished they could pull their past selves up by their boot straps and a penchant for curtain dresses.

Charmian Hughes: Soixante-Mirth is at the Blue Man at Brighton Fringe on the 8th, 14th and 15th May. For more information click here!