Jennifer Saunders & Beattie Edmondson: A Family Affair

Jennifer Saunders and her Birthday Girl daughter Beattie Edmondson are set to be co-stars in a film already in pre-production called Patrick.

Beattie will play a young women called Sarah who leads a messy life which only gets more chaotic when she inherits a spoilt pug (they’re all spoilt) from her grandmother. As for Jennifer’s role, it’s still under wraps.

The film was co-written by Emma Watson’s publicist Vanessa Davies who took inspiration from her own experiences, Ab Fab director Mandie Fletcher and Paul De Vos.

The mother daughter team have worked together before, Jennifer played Beattie’s mother in BBC Three sitcom Josh and Beattie can be spotted as Claudia Bing’s assistant in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.