Katherine Ryan BUILDs on why she doesn’t despise Piers Morgan

We were with Katherine Ryan at her interview with BUILD in London. The room was packed with the Canadian comic’s fans and the 2008 Funny Women Awards winner talked about her new Netflix special, celebrities and comedy.

It didn’t take long for Katherine to be asked about famous people and who she doesn’t like in the business. Her interviewer focused in on Piers Morgan, but Katherine couldn’t summon up much bile for him even though he “has gotten worse, hasn’t he?”

Noting Piers’ fondness for whipping up controversy Katherine said: “He’s gone, ‘I’m just gonna embrace this entire half of the world right now’, who need a hero on that side.

“He’s just scraping up all the money from it and he doesn’t care if he’s being a good person or a bad person. Katie Hopkins is another one.”

In spite of this behaviour though: “I don’t despise him, and that is because he’s enemies with Jeremy Clarkson, whom I do despise.”

Katherine also talked about her Netflix special, “We filmed it at the Apollo in London and we thought maybe Netflix will buy this? I paid for it myself and filmed it myself. And then they bought it! You don’t ask, you don’t get!”

She also explained the name of the show: “I was touring that show which was called Kathbum, but Netflix didn’t want to call it that – they wanted to call it ‘In Trouble’ and I was like, ‘What’s gonna happen to me!?’”

You can watch the interview here!