Jessica Hynes is our Hero

Jessica Hynes has revealed she has created a superhero called Justine. The writer and star of Spaced and Up the Women apparently came up with the idea of Justine, a martial arts expert and crusader for justice for Sky Atlantic, but the idea was dropped.

Now Jessica is hopeful Justine’s superhero story will be made into a series and plans to get back to work on the idea soon. Jessica explains it was a trip to Comic Con in 2008 that inspired the idea of her hero: “She’s called Justine because she fights for Justice and is a martial artist, a very skilled fighter. Another important thing about her is the costume. She’ll be cool to cosplay for young girls.”

“It’s something that happened, occurred as an idea, a long time ago. And then it was developed up to a point and then Up the Women came along and then there was a hiatus and actually during that time a lot of superhero stuff came out.

“The idea came from a particular moment when I was at Comic Con in 2008 and it was actually at the beginning of the cosplay revolution.

“I thought it would be lovely to think up a character which would be really cool to cosplay as a young girl, because it felt like at that time there didn’t seem to be a variety, where actually now there is.

“It got to a really quite fully developed stage as a script and as a vision document and as an idea, and then like all things in development, things change, people move on, you know. So it will probably continue until the next stage. It’s the sort of imaginative pursuit I enjoy. I like world building. I like building characters. And I just enjoy doing it.”

Although Jessica has said she will not be putting a cape on any time soon to play Justine, she already has some ideas of who she’d like in the role: “I feel like I couldn’t say who I wanted to play her because I feel like I would need to check with her…”