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Bae: Help! Sophie and Nina want to help. To help you to help them help you. This show lampoons the self-help culture and the nonsense that can spew forth from self appointed self help gurus. And it’s perhaps a little too plausible.

watch My favourite character in this sketch show was Nina’s spiritual self help guru whose ability to speak without communicating a single thing of value was very funny and I’d have liked to have seen more of this character in other situations.

see url The comedy duo offer up advice on fitness, marriage, dealing with fame when your celebrity marriage has broken down and what to do when the family pet is on its last legs.

source There is a wealth of material in the subject of self help and I suspect Bae will be back with more help soon. Namaste.

соль наркотик где купить ★★★

Bae is at The Mash House until 27th August. For tickets click here!