Don’t feed the trolls, just watch them

A couple of years ago, we shared a few ‘Stephanie Trolls’ videos on our YouTube channel. She’s the brave, intrepid reporter in the field, asking the questions nobody else dares. Mostly because they’re awkward and embarrassing.

You might also have seen some of these cringe-inducing videos on the Metro website. The Stephanie in these clips is Stephanie O’Keeffe, and she’s not long turned her trolling into a brand new Channel 4 series.

Girls Go Trolling is a prank show for All 4. Stephanie, Annie McGrath, Narin Ozenci and Verona Rose have teamed up to conduct as many fake hilarious interviews and disrupt as many events as they can.

Rejoice, ladies – the prank interviewer is not dead!

It’s been over 20 years since the legend that is Dennis Pennis set the bar for shock comedy and pranking celebs. Technically I shouldn’t quite be old enough to remember this. But I grew up with a Dad who insisted on watching Bottom while I was in the room. And the more Mum complained, the more dubious comedy we watched. Thanks, Dad.

And Caroline Aherne’s brilliant character, Mrs. Merton, hasn’t been on TV since before the turn of the century. The short clip below is appropriately low quality for the late 1990s. Incidentally, this I remember more because it’s on every top 10/countdown/comedy highlight show EVER.

Britain has been in dire need of new pranksters for some time, and Girls Go Trolling delivers with not one, but four. And all women. The ‘troll team’ goes out to confuse and mortify the unsuspecting general public.

This series of Girls Go Trolling has six short episodes. The first one, Troll Down The Aisle, puts the bar high from the very start by trolling a wedding. After that, the team crashes a beauty show, a fashion show, a baby show, a festival, and a wellbeing expo. So it is definitely female-focused, but with the kind of twist we like. (Not one of those complicated French braid thingies.)

Catch all episodes of Girls Go Trolling on the Channel 4 website.