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Bob and Jim: Two Stars

This was a lovely hour of well written vaudeville style comedy with a modern twist. Bob and Jim: Two Stars is the life story of the double act with ukulele medleys, dancing and re-enactments of popular movies like Batman and Brokeback Mountain in-between.

The pair may seem kitsch at first glance but their humour goes far beyond the novelty of being a neo-vaudeville act. The show is very well written and there are subtle intelligent observations within their silly songs and segments. If you stripped them away of their old-timey personas it would still be a really good show.

Their blend old fashioned gags and contemporary filth is truly unique. There’s a great mix of juvenile puns (like singing a ‘Knobby Knob Knob’ refrain in a medieval art song) and classic, finely tuned jesting.

There is no shortage of ukulele on the comedy circuit these days, but Jim has mastered the instrument and the duo’s voices are never too loud or grating. One musical highlight is their rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ Their cheeky exposing of the song’s pseudo-feminism is just brilliant and it’s worth seeing the show just for that.

Using their tech as an over-zealous fan was a nice touch.  They got through the 40 minute lull with a song her ‘brothers’ wrote about how Bob and Jim are ‘heroes like eagles.’ Her mouthing ‘Bob and Jim forever’ along with the song was a hilarious moment. Little details like that are easily over-looked but are what make the show so outstanding.

Bob and Jim have suburb comic timing. They really know how to use pauses and simple face expressions to get laughs. Most importantly though the audience loved it. It makes you pine for an era before TV and Radio where live performances got the attention they deserved.


Danica Priest

Bob and Jim: Two Stars is on from now until the 25th August at Underbelly Daisy Room at 20:30. Buy Tickets HERE