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That Pair: Never Liked Her Anyway

If you've not caught That Pair before then rectify that error as soon as you physically can. If not quicker than that! In fact, stop reading this and leave now. You won't be disappointed.

The duo are drenched in talent, sodden with comic timing and positively riddled with stage presence. Their 2013 return to The Edinburgh Fringe reveals a well crafted show that seamlessly displays their wide range of skills without anything feeling shoehorned in. It's an absolute treat.

Never Liked Her Anyway is set at their agent's funeral. This provides a great structure and a, perhaps surprisingly, hilarious backdrop for the skits. Lorna and Kat are the hosts of the funeral and invite a range of guests to the stage to speak about the deceased. They skilfully switch between characters, inventively using minimal props and costume. They demonstrate an ear for accents, display fantastic musicality and include some slick, well rehearsed routines.

It is all very impressive and a joy to watch but for me their pièce de résistance is the pair's onstage relationship when they are playing 'themselves.' They have such great chemistry together and are instantly likeable, watchable and hilarious. They have developed this element of their show further than most other sketch groups/duos I have watched. It goes beyond just the traditional straight (wo)man and loveable (wo)fool. They've created a relationship that is very three dimensional, quirky and close. I genuinely believe if I watched them long enough, I would belly laugh long enough to develop rock hard abs.

Fingers crossed for a 56 hour durational piece in 2014 from That Pair.
…Which pair?


You can catch That Pair: Never Liked Her Anyway until the 23rd August at 15:40 at Just the Tonic at The Caves. For tickets click HERE

Amy Gledhill