Courtney Cornfield: I can’t Tweet if Tweeting is Without You

There are three things in life that I will always defend: my kids, Canada  and Twitter.

Yes, Twitter. You see, I joined Twitter just over two years ago after purchasing my first iPod touch in the John Lewis Boxing day sale. I was uncertain at first, as why would I want to just update my status all day???!

So – I joined, followed some friends, some news accounts, and then comedians. I was hooked. The comedians I admired from afar were so attainable, tweeting funny things in less than 140 characters. Even better, you could banter with them and if you were lucky have get a reply or a re-tweet. The rush I felt the first time a certified funny person re-tweeted me was almost as exciting as when my husband proposed to me.  I even felt certain that after Margaret Atwood, my favourite author, replied to  my tweets and re-tweeted a few, that she might one day follow me. A tweet from a verified account almost certainly meant new followers including the helpfuling spam followers letting me know thinking that they might want to make sexy with me.

I felt ashamed at first, thinking – I am communicating with strangers? And as we all know with stranger danger tips; just because they are famous doesn’t mean that they are safe. It got to the point where I got more excited to get a tweet than a text as it might mean someone verified had replied. (Sorry friends, I know that is a bit harsh.)

As the months rolled on, I got used to Twitter and accepted that what I wasn’t doing was wrong or dirty and in fact, it was helping my comedy and acting career. I mean, how amazing is it to be able to network, in your PJs at home while tweeting about telly? Through tweeting about, oh, let’s say ‘The Killing’ I have met casting directors, producers, improvisers, all of whom have proven to be insightful and helpful in my career. Who would have thought that bantering with a casting director would lead to auditions (well, most actors would actually but this was new to me!) I’ve met improvisers whom I have done shows with. I’ve won contests, prizes, had news updates, discovered new telly to watch, vented, and sought parenting advice.

The best part was my ‘assistant’, or (more commonly known as my twitter feed) suggested I follow Funny Women. I did. Then I tweeted a link to my blog to which the Funny Women team asked if they could publish one of the articles in the online magazine. From there, I have done stand up, facilitated improv workshops, mentored comedians, all through Funny Women. How you maybe ask? How I will tell – Twitter! 

So if anyone ever, ever, says a bad word about twitter I shall unsheathe my sword (well my mimed one,) and make sword swooshing noises until they back off.

Courtney Cornfield is an actor, writer, comedian and improviser extrordinaire.