Alice Lowe in Sightseers

After catching Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright's hilarious short Love Song at UnderWire festival, Alice Lowe was talk of Funny Women Towers this week. We are big fans of Alice's work and we all had a giggle reminding ourselves of how great she is by watching Sticks and Balls and various other clips from her television successes.

Lowe, who is best known for her work in Channel 4’s Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, has racked up nearly a decade of comedy acting credits. However, her talents do not stop there; she is also an exceptional comedy writer and filmmaker.

Lowe’s latest endeavour, Sightseers, which she co-wrote and co-stars in with the brilliant Steve Oram, is receiving rave reviews across the board and was met with a standing ovation at Cannes film festival. In this dark comedy thriller, the pair star as introvert lovers, Tina and Chris, as they embark on a caravan tour across the English countryside. However, the idyllic journey soon takes a turn for the worse making Sightseers a must see, sinisterly gruesome, wonderfully funny, murder-filled romcom.

I was lucky enough to catch a preview screening of Sightseers down at the ICA and I can confirm that all the hype is well justified. The script is spectacular and presents an abundance of subtle, yet hilarious gags. Lowe and Oram offer extremely complementary portrayals of their characters which results in Tina and Chris’ relationship being eerily endearing.

The film is a well-executed marriage of two unexpected cinematic genres and this provides countless laugh out loud moments, which, in my opinion, makes Sightseers the best British comedy of 2012. 

Sightseers is out in cinemas Friday 30th November.


Hannah Moulder