Bafta Comedy Writing Podcast

Are you interested in writing comedy rather than performing? Have you wondered how to structure comedy and write jokes so they come off the page? BAFTA have created a series of podcasts with discussions from some industry experts about how to get into writing for film and television, with the second of their podcasts devoted to comedy. Sarah Courtauld, winner of the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award also won the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum initiative, alongside Kayleigh Llewellyn who is interviewed on the podcast.

‘Episode 2: All About Comedy: Writing, Producing, Commissioning’ is, as you might guess, focused on the behind-the-scenes parts of TV comedy. It’s specifically based around Armando Iannucci’s recent BAFTA lecture where he went on the offensive against a lazy UK commissioning culture, but also includes words of wisdom from Lucy Lumsden (head of comedy at Sky), Charlie Brooker, and more. It’s geared towards new writers, people trying to get into writing for TV or online.

Guests in the episode are Andrew Newman (head of Objective Productions, ex C4 Head of Entertainment), Kevin Cecil (BAFTA-winning writer for Black Books & loads more) and Kayleigh Llewyelln, winner of the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Initiative. The host is Dave Green.

Here’s the iTunes link: http://bit.ly/BAFTApodcast

Here’s the BAFTA Guru link: http://bit.ly/BAFTApodcastEP2