Funny Women Awards 2012 Finalist – Amy Gledhill


Amy Christine Stella Gledhill has taken to comedy like a duck to hoisin. Trying stand up for the first time in the Funny Women heats and winning the semi on her fourth attempt, some say she's a natural! Some say she threatened the judges. Others suspect an administrive error. 

Amy struggles to type in third person. Hi! (It was me all along.) Just wanted to say how utterly and giddily delighted I am to have this amazing opportunity. 

[Enrique Iglesias- 'Hero' starts to play. Slow motion montage and emotional close ups.]

…Just a few weeks ago I was so nervous I performed with my, zipped to the top, raincoat on as a comfort blanket. Thanks to Funny Women I have shed my jacket like a comedy caterpillar and am performing in venues other than my parent's kitchen.


(my) GUARDIAN s. (Hi mum and dad!)