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Where Are They Now- Miss London

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соли наркотик купить Miss London caught the comic bug while at university, spending all of her free time seeing heaps of comedy gigs after getting the sack from her waitressing job. After only nine months sharpening her funny bones, she went on to win the Funny Women Award in 2009.

go to link Since winning, Miss London’s star status has gone off the chart, which is great news for her but slightly bad for us, as she’s just too darn in demand to have time to chat to us. Never mind!

follow link We’ve managed to glean some info on Miss London through the comic grapevine, including some top tips for any budding comediennes. “A good comedian is likeable. You need to get the audience on your side. As a woman, it’s important to think about what to wear too. A skirt’s a bad idea – the front row can see right up it. On a big stage though, I go all out in a dress, heels, and full-on hair and make-up. So to those who think all female comedians are fat, ugly and badly dressed: Er, hello!

go to site When they announced my name [at the Funny Women Awards in 2009] I bawled like Alexandra Burke when she won The X Factor. My motto? Good things come to those who waitress!”


Mary Doyle